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Go through Ultan's door in this inaugural issue of the zine into the Ruins of the Inquisitor's Theater, a 30 room dungeon for a party of 3-5 characters of 1-2 level, replete with oneiric puddings, delicate shadow puppets, giggling white swine, and much more. This 36 page zine contains everything you need to launch a D&D campaign in Zyan, flying city of the dreamlands. Brought to life with a gorgeous map by Gus L and the stunning art of Huargo. It may very well have come from beyond the veil of sleep! The zine is statted for Advanced Labyrinth Lord, and is broadly compatible with older editions of D&D and their retroclones.

For more on the dreamlands and beyond visit my blog Mazirian's Garden. If you are interested in physical copies of the zine, please head to the Big Cartel page for Through Ultan's Door Press.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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