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Go through Ultan's door in this second issue into the Catacombs of the Fleishcguild, a 31 room dungeon for a party of 3-5 characters of 2-3 levels in Advanced Labyrinth Lord or any older edition of D&D. The Catacombs are replete with the fiendish traps of butcher priests, blood demons, muscle jellies, flayed heretics, and much more. This 36 page zine also has articles on house rules for playing in slumberland, on the undead of Wishery, and ib new spells and magic items. Brought to life with a gorgeous map by Gus L and lavish art by Huargo, Gus, Jeremy Duncan, Orphicss, and Matt Hildebrandt. It may very well have come from beyond the veil of sleep!

For more on the dreamlands and beyond visit my blog Mazirian's Garden. If you are interested in physical copies of the zine, please head to the Big Cartel page for Through Ultan's Door Press.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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